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Share the products with your audience, text links, and/or banners on your site, you, as an Affiliate, earn commission on any products sold as a result of your link to

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As an Affiliate, you will earn 30% commission on referred sales.
(Our competitors pay only 10% in commission for encapsulated)

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Affiliate Marketing is a performance-based advertising program in which online publishers, or affiliates, can earn a commission on orders submitted by customers they refer to an online merchant (

They do this by creatively integrating or promoting PureParticle’s products or content into their site through blogs, product reviews, banner advertisements, etc.

The tracking process is simple. Once in the Pure Particle affiliate program, affiliates can create affiliate links to When that link is clicked on by a visitor to that affiliate’s site, a tracking cookie is planted on that user’s computer.

When that same visitor completes a purchase at, the cookie fires and a commission is applied to that affiliate’s account. The cookie exists on that user’s computer for 60 days, so the purchase does not have to be completed in the same visit.

No, there is never a fee or cost for anything. You simply promote your affiliate link (url) and we pay you a commission on any sales that you make. We provide you with all the tools and support you need without any costs or fees (ever) .

We offer an excellent commission to our affiliates, with no caps on the amount you can earn! You’ll earn a 30% commission all orders sent to us through your links! Commissions will be paid monthly by PayPall (on the 1st day of the following month).

Our standard referral length is 60 days however we sometimes run promotions and offer commissions for longer time frames throughout the year. This means that if a customer purchases twice from us within the first 60 days, you get paid twice. If however a customer returns through your website to purchase, this would re-set the cookie and you would retain that customer for the additional 60 days.

On the 1st day of each month.

Not at all, we have affiliates in the program from all over the world! You just need to have a PayPall account to receive your comissions.

Once your application has been approved, you’ll find all the marketing materials you need in your Pure Particle account! You can get access to banners, text links, product links, and more. 

No, you do not need any experience or a website to get started. You will need to look for creative ways to do promotion however you do not need any experience to get started. You simply need an internet connection and some time. You can promote your links to your friends, whatsapp, facebook, email marketing, instagram, youtube, and more…

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